The best way to solve this is together #mentalhealthawarenessweek


For the mental health awareness week from October 4th to October 10th, we are collecting stories about mental health. Be it an anonymous text or a video of yourself explaining your view on and experiences with mental health. All to let everybody know that they are not alone.


Do you want to tell your story to the world and break the stigma? Put your phone in landscape mode and let us know in a short video! End your video by saying "you are not alone". These videos will be used for our online awareness campaign.


Consider these questions if you don't know what to talk about:

- How did you decide to pursue a PhD/being an iGEM member? What is the best part about a PhD/iGEM for you? 

- Are you under a lot of stress? How is this expressed? What do you think causes this, if you experience stress? 

- Our interview is about challenges related to mental health, connected to the workplace. Is this something you have already encountered? In what capacity?

- Did you ever consider quitting?

- In what way did COVID-19 have an influence on your work and/or mental health? 

- What was the most challenging part of your PhD/of your iGEM experience and how do you cope with that? 

- Did you ever search help to overcome these challenges? 

- Do you feel like your work environment is open for communication about mental health? 

- If you had to compare your PhD/iGEM experience with another activity, like a sport or a hobby, what would it be and why? 


Thank you!


Only the people responsible for this project will be able to read the full testimonies. The testimonies will be destroyed within one week after the mental health campaign finishes. No names from participants or third parties will ever be made public. A single copy of the identification table is stored in a secure location with only one person given access to it. All interviews are given an ID (e.g. #001A) and can be handled by the other members of the team (involved in the project) once they are already anonymized. 


Discover the mental health
awareness week with relaxing activities and interesting lectures!