Through time and through the city


Click on this symbol to see the entire route, next to each destination there is a new map with the rout to the next point. Have fun!

The total distance is 2.7 km, good luck!

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What is
DNA actually?

Did you ever wonder why we look a bit like monkeys, but not at all like fish? Or why your cat has a tail but you don't? This is because of DNA!

DNA is the cookbook of your body. It's full of recipes, for example what the colour of your hair and eyes is! Your DNA is a mix of that of your mom and your dad, that's why you look like each other. This passing on of DNA is called, in a difficult word, heredity.


With this game, Iggie the turtle takes you on a journey through time, to discover what DNA is together. Collect the 5 puzzle pieces to get a hint in the last riddle! Click on the star to get a new piece once you completed the task. Good luck, and welcome in Leuven!